Caves of Onferno

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Caves of Onferno

In an increasingly grey and artificial world, do you still feel the call of the forest?

With this slow and authentic experience, you will regain the contact with nature that you have been longing for!

Wild, austere, vital: these are the caves of Onferno.

From World War II bunkers, today they are a peaceful reserve, where flowers have taken the place of bullets. In just ninety minutes… We will take you on a journey through stalagmites and stalactites of shining chalk.

We will make you listen to the songs of the largest colony of bats in Emilia Romagna.

And, eventually, we emerge from the picturesque resurgence within the nature park.

And then, why not take a look at the Natural History Museum and the Multimedia Museum?

A word of advice: the temperature inside the cave is 12°-15° degrees all year round: in addition to your desire for adventure and your camera, make sure you bring a sweatshirt and comfortable shoes!

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