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Romagna is not only beauty, but also great taste. What is the best way to discover the area’s gastronomic specialities? The market! We have you by the throat! After a visit to the city’s characteristic fruit and vegetable market, you can choose to take home our ‘romagnolità’ with an AGRIBOX of your choice

bottle of ‘E Mor – Uva del Tundè’ (indigenous grape variety), bottle of 250ml Terra di Brisighella Pieve Tho PDO Brisighella olive oil, a jar of sweet and sour Romagna Igp shallot and a Brisighella Mora Romagnola sausage

a bottle of Famoso still white wine (indigenous), a bottle of Brisighella Pieve Tho 250ml Terra di Brisighella PDO olive oil, two small jars of honey from the Faenza hills and a Mora Romagnola sausage from Brisighella

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