The dragons – Mystery Tour

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The dragons – Mystery Tour

Dragons, known worldwide with positive or negative valence, have always been present in the imagination of all cultures on the planet.

Emilia-Romagna is no exception: ancient chronicles tell of a time when such creatures were feared in many cities and it is said that some churches guarded their remains…

The naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi considered them real, even going so far as to describe in person a Draco Bipede found in the Bolognese countryside in 1200.

The breaking of the Santerno river near Imola in the Middle Ages also seems to have created a swamp where a dragon lived. We will follow its historical traces as we walk along the river path near Borgo Tossignano, surrounded by the sounds of nocturnal animals and the magic of ancient legends.

Departure Parcheggio Chiosco Parco Lungofiume Borgo Tossignano >Santerno river and return.

Meeting point : Parking Borgo Tossignano (BO), Via Marzabotto 16

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Total distance to be covered : Km 4.00

Difficulty: for all

Accompanies: Environmental Guide Rocco Penazzi Disclosure Lorenzo Rossi

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