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Trento Mystery Tour

The Buonconsiglio Castle with its view towards Monte Calisio: a legend recalls that the castle was called del Malconsiglio before taking this name because of the presence of witches inside Augustus’ tower.

Even today, people talk about the witches of Trent and the ‘Malconsiglio’ in whose dungeons they allegedly held their satanic sabbaths.

Few, however, know of the strange way in which, at the time of the Council of Trent, it was decided to remedy those obscure customs….

We will talk about this during our walk, which intends to read the past not only through official history but also through the narration of minor events whose protagonists, whether heroes or devils, caused more changes than we might suspect today.

And we will tell of some figures of ancient Celtic heritage, such as witches and lamia, still present in folklore and stories…

8.00 p.m. (MEETING POINT 7.40 p.m.) in Trento’s Piazza del Duomo, by the Neptune fountain


DURATION: 2 hours

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